To my little bug,   You are beautiful dancing in circles in the kitchen. You are brave trying to ride your new bike. You are thoughtful carrying around your dolls like babies and patting them to sleep. You are smart recognizing words in books we've read. Your eyes are full of curiosity and love. You … Continue reading 3/8/2017


goodnight baby bug. You've had a long weekend. You practiced batting, you're potty training, and you're even starting to count on your own. You've also been riding around on your pink bike, with grandma's assistance of course (you can't reach the pedals yet). You are truly my sunshine. In case for some strange reason that … Continue reading 2/20/17


You're sick today. You were sick when I got home from work. You had allergies, now you have a fever. You were up all night crying with congestion. Nothing I did would console you. ALL NIGHT. Now I am work and time is dragging. I wish I was home with you(even though you keep sneezing … Continue reading 1/24/17


Yesterday a man was inaugurated into office as our 45th president of the United States. Maybe you'll never know him, maybe you'll ignore his tweets(that's a social media network, I'll explain when you read this) and others' riots and go on about your day playing with your lamb and measuring cups, you love those right … Continue reading 1/21/16