Extraordinary- Very Unusual or Remarkable

Remarkable, maybe not. Unusual? In a good way, maybe.

On the way to extraordinary is my writing journal, outlet, inspiration, whatever you wanna call it!

This is me, on my way to do extraordinary things. Not in the sense of being a world record breaker or cliff diving, no, nothing like that. I’m afraid of heights and I’d more than likely get wobbly and just stumble down hitting rough edged rocks or whatever else is attatched to cliffs. I’ve scraped my knee a couple times before, and I really don’t wanna risk anything much more serious than that.

Anyway, to wrap things up. This is my journey, and possibly yours, to not be “usual” or “ordinary”, but to be a little extra for the people around us, for our community, for our Earth, for the World, and for ourselves. Smile at strangers, hold open doors, make eye contact, offer a helping hand. Be… extraordinary.