To my little bug,


You are beautiful dancing in circles in the kitchen. You are brave trying to ride your new bike. You are thoughtful carrying around your dolls like babies and patting them to sleep. You are smart recognizing words in books we’ve read. Your eyes are full of curiosity and love. You are wonderful.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, this World isn’t as perfect as you probably once saw it to be.I hope this is not something I need to remind you, but you have no limits. This World is beautiful, and it has so much to offer you. But… there are a few places you will go and a few people you will meet in life that won’t treat you as you deserve to be treated, and that’s expected. Just know, you are capable of changing this World. It’s ok to want to make changes, and it’s ok to be content, but never let anyone make you feel less than adequate, never let anyone TRY to belittle you, and never ignore the fact that this does indeed exist. There’s a possibility you’ll say that you don’t care, or that it’s no big deal, or that you genuinely don’t see it, but it’s there and it’s indeed a big deal. Some of your friends or even teachers in the future may think women are being silly and opposing to something that to them may be non-existent. And maybe it truly is non-existent to some women in their, but not all. It’s ok to think your own thoughts. There’s nothing to be embarrassed of, this shame isn’t yours. And wanting to feel equal and wanting equality for others is nothing to be embarrassed about. If you ever feel you need to stand up for yourself or for anyone else, then do so. Even if you have to stand up to someone you love and respect. It’s ok to have different opinions, and it’s ok to want more in life, you are capable. I love you Lola. God willing this won’t be an issue to worry about in your future, but if it is, just remember to always be yourself, the you that God created, and be happy in that.


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