Update on #40daysofkindness

Hi everyone!

If you’ve been following, you read my most recent post regarding the Lenten season. If you decided to join the challenge for lent, or just for the matter of  wanting to do kind things for others, I would love to hear how well it’s going! So far, I am on day six. And today I haven’t decided what my act of kindness is going to be yet, but so far here is my list,

  • Day 1 – pay for someone’s laundry
  • Day 2- pay for a friend or family member’s lunch
  • Day 3- bake cupcakes/make candies and buy snacks for community event
  • Day 4- Take a small thoughtful gift to a family member
  • Day 5- Buy someone a little groceries

For the day one act of kindness, I just simply put about 10 quarters into a bag with a note explaining that these quarters were for the person who is doing laundry and finds them and noted it with #40DaysOfKindness

Day two was self-explanatory. I feel like I cheated a little  because that is such a common thing we may tend to do. I’ve been doing little extra things here and there that I  won’t note, but if you normally enjoy lunch with a family member or friend, it’s nice to offer to pay for the bill once in a while.

Day three,  I hosted an event for work, and we don’t have a budget to provide certain things for our community.  I don’t want to say out of the kindness of my heart I decided to bake a bunch of cupcakes, chocolate candies, and purchase whatever other snacks I decided to buy. I did that because I knew it would make the event seem more complete. I can’t imagine hosting a children’s event without providing a snack for them. So this is just something I’ve been doing,  it’s not really a big deal. But usually I do tend to buy the snacks, but for this day I decided to make some just for a treat for the kids.  We celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday and Read Across America.

Day four  was a little difficult.  We couldn’t leave the house for quite a while because of the rain, and when we did get a chance to leave, Sunny kept taking my chances of doing kind things and doing kind things himself LOL. I finally was able to send him to deliver some homemade honey we purchased from a family member’s father-in-law who actually makes his own honey. I’m sorry I don’t know the exact term for making honey, or bee keeping. I’m not sure what I’m talking about. LOL I do know that this father-in-law is a beekeeper, bottles his own honey that is derived  from these said bees, and also has his honey sent to a few companies to make different products.

Dave five was an extremely long day.  I’m not sure why we ended up at the grocery store yesterday, because we were all exhausted from a long day,  but God puts us in certain places for certain reasons.  I originally was planning to buy some snacks and leave them under the Redbox curtain for someone to take home with their rentals, but the curtain was missing. I could’ve sworn I saw the car in there last week, but today it was gone. Regardless, that was still going to be my plan somehow. But, after we did our shopping at the grocery store, I remembered someone who I felt could use a few groceries. Not to say that  this person couldn’t afford to buy groceries , but I am not sure when they would be able to have a chance to come to the grocery store. We just picked up a few standard things and I had someone take them to there home.

So far,  I haven’t seen reaction for a lot of these things I’ve done, one because I haven’t come forward to say that these certain things are from me, or I have sent a gift or groceries with someone else, just because I am a little shy about  receiving gratitude. It’s an odd feeling for me.  I have wonderful parents and was brought up in a healthy home and environment, but this is just a personal struggle that I have. Hopefully through this process, I can build courage and come forward with some of these acts to see better results.  Again, like I said before, I am not sharing these things with you to receive any sort of praise or to brag in anyway, this is only to encourage and inspire someone who is in an accessible position to do kind things. If you are around a lot of people, new people throughout your every day routine’s, this  is the perfect opportunity to spread kindness and God’s love.   Even if you’re a stay-at-home mom, you can do kind things for your family, do you little extra things for your children, call up an old friend or send a letter to a family member just as a pick me up!

Also, these things just happened to involve a few dollars to spend, but that doesn’t mean that there are plenty of kind things we can do for others that don’t involve spending money. I have a lot of ideas that I would like to do through my 40 days that don’t involve spending a single dollar.  Please, I do encourage you to join this challenge of #40daysofkindness

I feel like these things I’ve done are things I needed to do. I don’t expect to be repayed in anyway because God has already done that for me. There has been plenty times where he has sent someone to shed his light on me when necessary. We tend to forget he is just a prayer away. It’s our job to remind others of God’s love by being kind.

It isn’t too late to begin!  Please share how your acts of kindness have not only helped  others, but how they’ve helped you.


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