40 Days of Kindness

With the lenten season finally here, i’ve been contemplating on what sacrifices or changes I could make in my life through out these 40 days. Normally, as a child I would give up something that didn’t make a difference or benefit anyone, like candy or sodas. Yes, these are sacrifices and maybe this is a healthy change benefiting our bodies, but these changes aren’t benefiting anyone around us. I don’t want to talk down on your sacrifices, because sacrificing something we’ve come accustomed to  can be really hard, and I do understand that these are traditions.  Though I will still make my sacrifices, I wanna try to make a positive outcome through my 40 days of lent. If you decide to give up junk food, try to think of healthy alternatives. Make this a cooking activity for your family to spend more quality time together.
I remember my mom telling me of a priest that fasted until dinner time each day. I thought, Wow! That is a big sacrifice and commitment on it’s own. She told me that with the money he was saving from going without breakfast and lunch, he was donating that money towards people who couldn’t afford breakfast and lunch.

Why did that never cross my mind? A selfless act of Love is what God wants to see from us. He doesn’t care if we eat ice cream or not, he wants to see what we’re doing instead of having ice cream for ourselves. What changes can we make that will spread love and help others around us. What can we do to better our relationship with God, with our family, with our coworkers. Maybe give up coffee, and donate the money that you would normally spend. Or maybe continue to buy coffee in the morning, but bring it for a coworker! Get creative with ways that we can follow Jesus’ love, kindness, and selflessness.

I don’t normally like to share what I’m sacrificing or what I plan to do, but I wanted to try something new this year. I won’t mention what I decide to sacrifice, but I will share my lenten goal with you. I’m sharing this not to praise myself, or to make anyone feel less for their sacrifices, but to inspire others to do something similar. I want to make this a challenge for myself to continue through out my life, and to note on how these little things that I plan to do will make a difference in someone else’s life.

I encourage you to do the same, even the simplest things, like holding a door open for someone! Share your stories, ideas, and if you get any pictures, hashtag them #40daysofkindness ! I hope this is something that you feel manageable! I think it’s possible for us all to do at least one kind act a day. Imagine what a difference this will not only make in our lives, but for those around us!


There’s a million and one ways that we can be kind, and you’d be surprised on how one little thing can affect someone. Remember, “Little things don’t mean a lot, they mean everything.”

Here are some ideas:

  • make dinner for friends!
  • call up a family member you haven’t spoken with in awhile
  • write notes to future readers of a book!
  • buy drinks for the person behind you in line!
  • Leave quarters on candy machines
  • write thank you letter to community helpers!

These are all small changes we can make to brighten someone’s day!

Happy lenten season everyone!


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