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I wanted to briefly go over a couple of things. First, I want to say, I am not a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or one who avoids all animal tested products. I never really take the time to look into those sorts of things. It’s not that I personally want to harm an animal, I just am negligent in that sense. I am however a lover of all God’s creatures, but I’m not an activist in any way. I have nothing but praise for those that are strong willed in following every category of a lifestyle such as that. That’s quite incredible, and even if I tried, i’m not sure if it would be possible.

One thing I do disagree with is torturing an animal. Now, i’m sure many products I use or consume aren’t produced in an animal “friendly” manner, but I do learn everyday and do take that education into consideration when supporting products. I am open to any information. With all of that said, I had decided awhile back to look into the coming of SharkWeek. Shark Week is an extremely popular segment that The Discovery Channel comes out with annually, and it’s always quite entertaining and interesting. I was hoping to put together a lesson plan for storytime regarding a week dedicated to sharks for the Summer Reading Program at my work. When reading the facts on the current situations of sharks, I was astonished. Not only did I learn about many amazing species of sharks and their characteristics, but I learned about so many sharks that are declining in population. I was in disbelief. Not only were the numbers disturbing, and the thought of a world without hammerheads and great whites, but the learning all of the attributes sharks have that benefit the world around them.

Did you know that there are 15 species of sharks that are endangered and 11 species that are critically endangered. Not too mention the many following species of sharks at risk. One main cause of the decline of these species is finning. Shark finning is when a shark is caught, and though it’s still alive, it’s fins are sliced off and it’s body is thrown back into the water to sink and bleed to death. Sharkfinning and shark fishing for sport are not only cruel, but could eventually change our ocean life all together. Sharks don’t reproduce as quicky as many fish do, and with the decline of juvenile sharks, we eventually may permanently lose quite a few species. Sharks are vital in their ecosystems, being at the top of food chain, they maintain a healthy population for fish and also eat many dead or dying fish.

Many popular companies are doing what they can to stop the decline of the shark population. Grub hub has vowed to stop listing shark fins/shark fin soup on their menus in the states where they’re illegal to sell. American Airlines has vowed to no longer ship shark fins. Many cosmetic companies such as Lancome, Dove, and L’oreal have vowed to do away with using squalene (shark liver oil) in their products.

There are a million and one ways we can help to conserve sharks, and the simplest way is to sign the Global Shark Pledge!

Inform your family on what’s happening to sharks, and think of ways you’d like to help as a family! Here are a couple of books to spark your child’s interest in learning about sharks!

Smart About Sharks

Surprising Sharks (Read and Wonder Series)

“-some sharks do kill people, about six of us every year. But every year people kill 100 million sharks.”

Sharks are one the most interesting creatures on our planet. Find out all about them, which species are at risk, and what we can do to help! Visit, http://sharkopedia.discovery.com/

resource: Discovery.comhttp://www.Discovery.com


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