Love Letter to Lola

To my buggy, Happy Valentine’s Day love bug. Last year you were showered in gifts, and this year isn’t any different. You are loved. You are loved by so many people, including strangers because you have such an out going personality. I am so blessed to have you in my life. I will always be grateful that I get to be your mom. I also wanted to let you know how proud you’ve made me. Just this past Friday, you got your shots, and you didn’t even cry this time. You took your shots just as we practiced with your toy doctor set! I love you baby and i’m so amazed at how incredible you are. You are so smart, so full of life, so curious to the world around you! You even went potty in the toilet like a big girl, I know this may seem silly reading it, but keep in mind that at this point, you are only 16 months! This past weekend, you sang a long with the alphabet and said at least six letters!! They weren’t in order, but Oh My God, I am so amazed at how fast you learn. You also danced the twist with daddy in the kitchen and finally didn’t scream at church, we may just be sitting in the back now, at least for awhile. I hope you enjoy your pink bike with a bell just like elmo’s bike has, and I hope  you have a wonderful day.


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