The Right Reds

I’ve tried at least 20 red lipsticks in my life based off of great reviews, and I hated at least half of them!

Of course certain colors will pair best with certain skin tones, and these are the colors that I feel have worked best for me…

MAC lipstick in relentlessly red

Relentlessly Red is a hot pink/red. It’s in MAC’s retro matte collection. I love this color! It definitely has a retro feel and always reminds me of Betty Draper. For myself and my style, I feel that I can often get away with wearing it as an every day color. With my usual reds, I’ll wear a bronze or brown type blush, but with this color, I like to wear pinks. It is matte, and it’s a full matte, not like a lot of brands that claim to be but don’t come through. With that being said, it is a little more difficult to apply or “glide” on, but it does not dry out your lips. Sometimes I like to apply a moisturizing balm prior to putting it on, just so it’s easier to blend in. It’s long lasting and still one of my favorites. I’ve seen this color on fair skin, medium, and dark, and it looks quite different, but still beautiful.


MAC lipstick in Relentlessy Red $17

MAC lipstick in Lady Danger

Now, lady danger is a part of me. This is by far my favorite lipstick. I love pinks, nudes, purples, but this one is my ultimate go-to color. Lady Danger is a bright orange/red, more red than orange. I never would have thought of wearing an orange lipstick, but once I put this on, I knew I would always have to have it. It’s pretty vibrant, but I’m comfortable in it! I like wearing this in the summer with sun dresses, but in the colder months, I feel it brightens me up, since I tend to wear a lot of dark colors. Lady Danger glides on easily, but it is a matte. I sometimes like to blend it with Relentlessly Red. I line it with MAC’s pro longwear lip pencil in What a blast. I would recommend this color for any skin tones to try, but I think it would work best with tanned or darker skin tones.


MAC lipstick in Lady Danger $17



Excuse my old mirror selfie, but this is my skin tone with Lady Danger.


Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick in Santa Sangre

I like this for a classic red. Sangre meaning blood, pretty much sums it up. It’s classified color is “poison apple” red. That’s exactly what it reminds me of, villainess’. It’s definitely a candidate if you’re looking for a staple red. I have a medium skin tone, and it pairs fairly well with me, I think it would work best with lighter skin tones.


Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick in Santa Sangre $20 Sephora

MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo 

This was the first red that I felt comfortable wearing. This color is considered a blue red with cool undertones. When I originally bought this I don’t recall MAC having any products with a retro matte finish, now matte is extremely popular, or the “norm”, and retro matte is evening more matted than their original mattes lol. I don’t wanna give ruby woo a bad rep because she’s been good to me on occasion, and with this new classification of her being a “retro matte”, MAC may have altered her formula, but… Unfortunately, even though this is a good color for my skin tone, my lips are usually flaking lipstick, my lips dry out, and there is a mess surrounding my lips after two hours of wear. It’s a beautiful color, but it is extremely drying. It should be worn with a liner, I like MAC lip pencil in cherry for this color. Also, it should be worn with a moisturizer under, and try to keep a mirror on handy for any mishaps. Also, another issue I’ve had with this color would be the application, it’s a little more meticulous. I’ll have to update y’all as soon as I try the retro matte version. It is a very popular color for matching with most skin tones.



MAC lipstick in ruby woo $17

MAC Liquid lipstick in Fashion Legacy

Yes, another color from the Retro Matte collection. I bought this hoping it would be orange-red, similar to Lady Danger, but in liquid form. That would be heaven, but I don’t get that from it. It’s a medium-dark red with the slightest amount of orange tones. It’s a fire engine red with a lot of pigment. I’m beginning to think some formulas were a little different like the Lolita incident. It glides on easily, but I’m not too fond of the applicator. It’s matte obviously, dries quickly but not overdrying. It’s long lasting, a full work day at least. It would also be a good classic red to have.


MAC retro matte collection liquid lipstick in Fashion Legacy $20

All of these lip colors are extremely pigmented, a little goes a long way! I hope my post has been helpful for anyone in search of a great red, especially with Valentine’s Day just a few days away!💄💋❤️


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