Isn’t it the strangest thing how when we smell a certain scent, hear a certain word, taste a certain taste, we’re instantly taken to a certain point in our life?

I had the exact thing happen to me just last night. One spoon of a certain ice-cream, and I traveled back in time to running around a propane tank, wearing a Big Chill hand me down bomber jacket zipped up to my chin. LOL maybe that doesn’t seem like a memory anyone would care to reminisce on, but it’s a wonderful memory for me.

My great aunt would always hold gatherings before she passed. We would gather at her house for mostly religious celebrations and for good food. But one thing that she made always stayed with me. This is something I have always associated her with, and that is homemade Mexican hot chocolate. Walking into her kitchen into the aroma of slow cooked chocolate and cinnamon sticks was an all time favorite occasion for me.

Her kitchen was the coziest of kitchens, kept warm probably by her stove. She had a collection of ceramic cows and one cow cookie jar that mooed when opened. I didn’t mind waking up early during the Christmas break if we were having breakfast at her house because she was so welcoming, but usually when we had larger gatherings like this, we the children, were sent along to play outside with a cup of her steaming cinnamon accented hot chocolate.

There are so many memories I have of spending time at her home that was always filled with love. I was glad to be taken back there last night.




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