Superbowl Sunday

Are you ready for some football?!?!

I’m not. Well I at least wasn’t psyched for this game. I’m not really a Falcons or Patriots fan, and to be honest, like many other viewers, I was tired of seeing Tom Brady at the Superbowl again. I’m not crazy about Tom Brady because of the assumptions i’ve made in my head about his personality that may or may not be true. I think these ideas of him being arrogant came along around the time he sported a Justin Bieber hairdo and thought it was ok to wear ugg boots for fashion purposes. (bangs head on desk) I guess if anyone can get away with it, it’d be him, but he didn’t really soooo… ahem. Anyway, these two teams proved me wrong.
This had to be one of the most entertaining Superbowls I’ve ever seen in my life. From the heart wrenching commercials to the jaw dropping half time performance to the largest comeback in Superbowl history.. aghh I feel bad for Atlanta for thinking they had it in the bag, but I mean, we knew it was New Englands game. Brady had to prove us wrong. They won the game fair and square. (Breaking News: The patriots are at it again!) totally k


In my family, Superbowl is treated as a holiday. Most days usually are, because we love an excuse to celebrate as well as to EAT.
We went with simple decorations, a table cloth with yard lines, a few football chip bowls, football garland, one fierce football player door cover, and one banner.
Our menu on the other hand, that was a different story.
We had each little family group bring two appetizers and drinks, and we handled the rest. Our family doesn’t really understand the term appetizers lol, so when I give you the list, try not to be appalled.

(That’s my mom, the only Pats fan in the house.)

My sister purchased our stadium base from Party City! We surrounded ours with the Superbowl sponsor, Pepsi!

All in All, we enjoyed:

Sub sandwiches
porcorn chicken
buffalo popcorn chicken
chicken nuggets
bacon wrapped chicken
chicken quesadillas
a pasta salad
veggies (brocolli, carrots, snap peas)
frito pies
jalapeno bombers
lil smokies in bbq
bbq’d ribs
baked ham and cheese sliders
pigs in the blanket (sausage and hotdog)
black eyed pea nachos
pizza crescents
homemade tortilla chips (corn and flour)
avacado sour cream dip
ranch dip
and a cake topped with whipped cream and mandarins to celebrate six birthdays haha!

OH MY LORD, this list sounds tragic now looking back. Sounds like a great time though lol. It’s best to handle food like this in increments. Pre game with some light snacks like veggies, start the game with your full plate, then have some chips and assortment of dips during the half time performance. Actually, we had cake during the half time performance, because I recall my uncle making a comment about us all watching Lady Gaga rock it, and us regretting but continuing to eat our cake lol. When in Rome…


p.s.  Totally not promoting unhealthy eating habits, but it was a holiday, sooo…


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