Easton’s Dino-mite Birthday Party!

A friend of mine, Daisy Herrera, enjoys planning parties just as much as I do. I’ve had the pleasure of creating cookies for many of her elaborate celebrations. She is always complimented on not only her innovative party decorations, but for the great times she provides for friends and family. Daisy is also a mom to one son, Easton, a 4 year old cowboy who happens to love Dinosaurs. And who doesn’t? Dinosaurs are incredibly fierce, interesting, and exciting (in party sense of course)! As a mom, you want your child’s interests to be similar to yours (I know I do), but as your children grow, you broaden their mind through questions and learning, and it’s a beautiful thing to see their interests evolve.

Welcome to Easton’s World…


A DIY craft that Daisy created with boxes, paint, solo cups, and tissue paper!  And check out this pterodactyl swooping in!  This is perfect scene setter.



And here comes Easton with a T-Rex!  This inflatable costume is at Oriental trading.com




Wanna keep up with Daisy’s parties, mommy time, and free spirit style? Follow her on Instagram, Instagram.com/Daisy_loves_Jon

Lola also has an interest in Dinosaurs, and I was really hoping to have a girly Dinosaur 2nd birthday for her because there is so many ideas from a fossil excavation to a dino-egg hunt! Let’s not even get into all of the glittered dinos with bows, but I think we may go a different route. STAY TUNED…

Check out these other Dinosaur parties that are just as fun as Easton’s!



Simple idea for party food that the kids will enjoy!


Look at these incredible DIYs we can all attempt to manage lol


Fossil Digging!


Dinosaur Egg Hunt

Dinosaur Egg Hunt



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