Uncomplicated Life

It’s 10:31 p.m., Lola just fell asleep and Sunny is off taking Max Anthony to see his dad.

I just took my first deep breath since I got home from work.

I am blessed.

I’ve been blessed with such an “uncomplicated life”. I love that term, it’s actually the title of a book. It’s a father’s account of his family’s life with his beautiful daughter who happens to have Down syndrome. He tells how much more his daughter gives than she gets and how much joy she brings to their lives.

I’m reading this book, and I can’t believe how blessed I am. How blessed we are, as parents, to receive such a wonderful gift from God.

I keep thinking about my first post. I was in such an anxious mood and everything was setting me off. That night I got home and Sunny and I discussed what was going on and decided the solution was God. The solution was and will always be God. God gives me each day, he gave me Sunny, and he gave me my beautiful baby girl.

We will have a lot of annoying days where I’ll want to kick the dryer, but we have such an “uncomplicated life”. I mean that in the most literal way, not in a wholesome heartfelt way, but I mean the path God has me on so far, has been uncomplicated. Compared to those that live in different countries and hope for help, compared to those in my little town that can’t afford to buy their children a pair of shoes that fit properly, my life is cake. The things I generally complain about are so obnoxiously “first world”, I’m too embarrassed to type out. It’s not always the choices we make. Yes, they do play a factor sometimes, but seriously, we are blessed. Seriously, count your blessings in a positive sense so we can thank God and enjoy our every day life.

  • My relationship with God
  • Lola and Sunny
  • My family
  • Our health
  • Our jobs
  • cookie decorating opportunities
  • friends
  • our freedom


This list is never ending.


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