Fun at the Zoo!

We spent our Sunday afternoon with Lola at the San Antonio Zoo. It was the perfect zoo weather, not too sunny and not too cold! She loved when a small wind would blow in, she would just look up and laugh. She’s still at the perfect mindset of enjoying the things we sometimes take for granted.

The Zoo can sometimes get a little pricey when you have a larger family,  not to mention souvenirs, lunch, and any additional Zoo experiences. Being that it’s only us three, it’s not so bad. Just the two adult standard tickets for $14.95 and Lola of course was free because she’s only one.

But…  The zoo has a great STEAL that they happen to offer throughout the year.   A zoo membership for an adult is $25. Now this zoo membership not only gets you into the zoo for free any day of the year,  but it also gives you discounts to the gift shop and half off prices to many of the surrounding zoos and aquariums through out your state.  We love you going to the zoo and the aquarium, and we rarely take these trips without making a stop at the gift shop.  These memberships are a must if you plan on going to the zoo and aquarium within the same year. That pretty much pays it off right there!

Aside from that major perk that the San Antonio zoo offers, we also got to experience feeding the giraffes. They have feeding periods throughout the day, and you just need one ticket for your family to get up close and personal with the giraffes. One ticket is five dollars, and that ticket grants you three huge leaves of leaf lettuce to feed the giraffes.  Do make sure that you purchase your ticket at the kiosk before waiting  in line and been told you need to purchase a ticket first!

Lola was slightly alarmed by how quickly the giraffe took the leaves, but she enjoyed it and now has been feeding her stuffed souvenir giraffe at home.

Another experience we enjoyed at the zoo was the beautiful carousel!  So many animals to ride full of beautiful details!  We chose to ride the flamingo bench, just because I felt Lola would be afraid to ride an animal that would be moving up and down.  We did see a few children frightened when the carousel started.  They also have a birds nest, where families can sit in and turn the wheel that speeds it up  and one alone giraffe but stays still instead of moving up and down.  The tickets to ride the carousel were $2.50, we just had to purchase two tickets and Lola was able to read for free.

We’ve gone to the zoo on numerous occasions and a lot of the times the animals are sleeping or not even in our view.  But because the weather was so great, a lot of the animals were out and active.

We especially loved the caracal. The caracal is a medium sized cat originating from Iran.  She was very active and pacing back-and-forth having all of the children running from window to window.  Lola’s first zoo experience, she really didn’t notice anything other than greenery and one rhinoceros, but this zoo trip was completely different.  She waved hello at all of the animals that looked her way, shushed the birds, and waved bye when we moved onto another exhibit.  She even told one snake no when it hovered toward the glass.

We decided not to have a lunch at the zoo, and decided to wait out to eat at Augie’s barbed wire barbecue! Augie’s is right outside of the zoo, and it’s well known so choose your time wisely.  Make sure not to go too late, because they do tend to run out of brisket. They sell smoked brisket, along with the sausage, ribs, hot dogs, burgers and some of the best macaroni and cheese I’ve ever had in my life!  Luckily we made it just in time to get to enjoy the last of the brisket for the day.  It’s not too expensive for what you would normally pay at barbecue restaurants. Brisket plates with two sides cost $9.99, and for a two meat plate it would run for something like $11.99 (drinks not included).  Don’t go there and try a hot dog or hamburger, maybe on your second trip, but if you’re going for the first time you need to try the brisket and the creamed corn.

All in all, we had a great experience this weekend at the San Antonio zoo. We will definitely be going back, and can’t wait to see the new skywalk for the Jaguars! (Also, these little jaguar toddlers were so beautiful nuzzling with their momma!)



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