img_7946You’re still feeling a little under the weather with congestion and the constant flow of liquid “boogies”. It probably wouldn’t be so bad, but you hate for me to wipe your noise. You literally run if you see me with a wipe or tissue.

You’re sickness hasn’t slowed you down a bit though. We had to step out of church because you were back and forth so fast you were beginning to stumble.

I stepped out with you and took you to sit on the bench, so you could enjoy the cool breeze.  I actually tried bundling you up in my coat, but you weren’t up for that. You didn’t want to sit on the bench either , you slid off the bench and played in the grass, and I constantly picked you up because I was paranoid that you may get bit by ants. I am always paranoid of little things like that.  I’m apologizing for this, because in the future I will project my paranoia and I hope it doesn’t stop you from reaching for the stars.  I will try to project my concerns in a healthy way for you, but understand I just love you so much and want to keep you safe.

Anyway, I guess from all of your fast movements, your diaper shifted, and because of that shift, you had a small accident that dripped all over my jeans, boots, and coat that just so happens to be  unwashable. (Only at the cleaners.)  not a big deal, it didn’t keep us from having a great day.  We took you to the zoo, this was your second zoo trip.  You really enjoyed it. You were waving at the animals, even telling some of them no! It was great to see you enjoying something and not just me wanting you to enjoy it.

You were full of smiles and giggles. You even fed a giraffe, which frightened you a little but you didn’t cry. You were a big girl today. We went to lunch after and you danced in the high chair to every song that played. You didn’t know any of the songs, but you were feeling it. It was your day.

I love you baby bug. I’m sorry that I have to come to work, and leave you behind. I know you’re having a great day with grandma, but you’re always sad to see me go. You love me so much! You don’t care for hugs, but you hug me. You’re always overly excited when I get home from work or when you wake up from a nap and see me there. Even when I’m in the crappiest mood and telling you to put up all your toys and sit on your bottom, you just look at me and smile. Please always feel this way for me. Even when I’m old and annoying the hell outta you with my opinions or when I’m in a super grumpy mood and being a jerk to your dad, please always love me this way. Please always miss me and want to spend time with me. I love every second we have together even when I’m chasing you all over the house, even when I’m chasing you and you’re flipping upside down at church! I can’t wait to fill our minds with so many more wonderful memories together. See you soon!


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