Lola’s First Birthday!


Lola’s second birthday is just around the corner(8 months away)!

We’re debating on what theme to go with. Though, there are a couple things that she favors, this is also my last chance to choose the theme!

Her first birthday, I was planning it before she was even born, but then all of my plans were tossed out the window. She fell in love… with Elmo. She loves Sesame Street! She loves the songs, she loves the dancing, she loves Elmo’s world, and she even loves the Count’s Ah Ah Ah-ing! They’re teaching my little one all about the alphabet, numbers, vocabulary, and good morals!

So we went with Sesame Street for her First Birthday, and we really enjoyed it.

My favorite part was Hoopers store. We found a Melissa and Doug lemonade stand on Craigslist for half the price! We filled it with coloring books, crayons, play-doh, bubbles, silly string, rubber duckies, mini gumball machines and more!  At the beginning of the party we gave each child felt play money, and throughout the day some were granted more during games. At the end of the party we gave them each a shopping bag and they were allowed to choose what they would like to purchase with their money!  They really enjoyed that, along with the cape decorating station with Super Grover and decorating wands with Abby!



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