img_7806Yesterday a man was inaugurated into office as our 45th president of the United States. Maybe you’ll never know him, maybe you’ll ignore his tweets(that’s a social media network, I’ll explain when you read this) and others’ riots and go on about your day playing with your lamb and measuring cups, you love those right now.

Maybe he won’t make bad choices that will affect you personally, and maybe he won’t do any good for you to care to acknowledge his existence. But yesterday, this man, who I don’t know enough about to give you the correct information became our president, and today you are 15 months old and some days.

Today women are marching because they don’t agree with this man’s opinions and what he may change for them. There are more women marching together than I have ever seen. Women are sometimes catty with one another , but today they are showing their support and standing together. I don’t know what to think really, I wish I could give you more insight on what’s happening. I will sit here quietly and admire their courage because even if I’m not sure if I would March today if it weren’t for you, I am proud to see how strong and fierce women are. Not many people agree with this, but I want to give you some advice, just in case things don’t seem to be getting any better a few years down the road…

You, my beautiful little bug, are capable of doing anything that YOU want to do. Forget about what anyone’s done before you, forget about what anyone thinks a woman or girl is capable of doing. You have a mind and a heart just like a man, just like any other person of any other ethnicity, just like anyone that may be suffering from a mental or physical disability, and just like any person with their own personal preferences, religious beliefs, and political opinions.

Also remember, these people have a mind and heart just like yours, respect them as you’d want to be respected. Care for people, just as you’d want to be cared for. Stand up for what is right, and always ask yourself what would God want you to do.

You, my beautiful, wild, smart, loving little bug, always think the way that you do now.

Think with open arms; think without seeing race, sexual orientation, religious differences, political views, classes of people.

Continue to live your life with a clean heart and doing what you can to better this world, not to harm it.

I love you baby bug, and  I’m praying that even if you are strong woman with a good heart, you won’t have to shout to be heard. I’m praying that this World will be easier for you. I’m praying that what many people are worrying about, will be worries of the past.

I love you baby bug, enjoy your nap of lambs and puppies.



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