First blog post

Had one of those days yesterday where I wanted to kick something out of frustration. I kept dropping my pens, sticky labels that I was using kept getting stuck to their opposite end and when I tried to separate them, they either stuck more, ripped, or looped over my finger, and when I somehow managed to open it without ripping it, it chipped off my nail polish and left the polish now attached to the label (that one really pissed me off!). It was one of those days where I kept bumping into everything and wanted to turn around and start a fight with objects. I let Sunny know what was going on, and he sent me something inspirational in which I genuinely gratefully responded, “Thank you, you’re right.” Ten seconds later, I realized a water bottle had somehow managed to pop my work fridge open and apparently had been for hours. I couldn’t even get to it because it’s behind some shelves. I was growling at it and didn’t realize someone had stopped by to bring my mail. It was just one of those days. I shouldn’t have had tea. I had too much tea! I’m not good with caffeine, it makes me anxious. I was talking 1000 miles a minute, and Siri was being a little jerk and morphing everything I said into words that she damn well knows aren’t words. I shout at her like a robot, and she types up things I’ve never even heard of. She even changed my brother in laws name to Tupac in a sentence, and she doesn’t even know who that is. I know, because when I ask her about famous people, she says she can’t find them in my address book. (palm to face!) Ughhh she doesn’t even make attempts. Does anyone else have this problem?! My sister says that my speaker may be clogged, could be a possibility, maybe icing or foundation, who knows. It was just one of those days where I wanted to throw my phone across the room, because I was genuinely that upset with her. Instead, I just slammed my drawers. She’s not even worth it.


I had ordered a book, Furiously Happy, look into it. I only read the first couple of pages and honestly, seriously guys, this book.. it stopped me from running over my phone with an office chair. Its that good.  I’m just gonna leave this here…

Now, I don’t want to suggest not buying the Nook book because IT IS incredibly cheaper, but I can’t guarantee that the nook book is going to provide this bubbly raccoon surrounded by holographic flecks like the cover of this hardcover book! It’s the belly breathe for moms and anyone who sometimes kick their appliances.


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